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How To Make Heaven

by Authors Moses A. Ojute ,

Man is a spiritual traveler, irrespective of your belief, be you an atheist, a Christian, Hindus, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever. In real life there are three scenarios that worth pondering about. These are occupy till I come scenario, the last judgment scenario, and, the hope and resurrection of the dead scenario. How to make heaven: Eliminating caricature, making the path straight is an undiluted guide to finding your way into secured eternity after death. It explains in detail the truth about the kingdom of God, the parameters for God’s judgment, and what actually qualifies a person to make heaven. The book...

How To Break Into Your Destiny And Solve Stubborn Problems

by Authors Moses A. Ojute ,

To many, destiny is a mystery, which is too sacred and complex to delve into, needless to say, use it as priceless tool to getting difficult life problems solved. This book takes you beyond the good ideas of men, all the way to biblical and practical techniques of breaking into your destiny and receiving solution to stubborn problems, providing uncommon helps that will guide you rightly as you journey through life. Other Books By This Author: Church Without God: Exploit The Truth And Purge Yourself In The Faith How To Break The Yoke Of Life: Finding Your Way To Freedom, Health,...