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Paradise Restored

by Authors David Chilton ,

Does the Bible teach Christians to expect victory or defeat in this world? In this powerful book, David Chilton sets forth extensive biblical evidence for the historic Christian view know as postmillennialism – the teaching that, before the Second Coming of Christ, the world will be successfully evangelized and discipled to Christianity. The author emphasized that our view of the future is inescapably bound up with our view of Jesus Christ. The fact that Jesus is now King of kings and Lord of lords means that His Gospel must be victorious: The Holy Spirit will bring the water of life to...

Days of Vengeance

by Authors David Chilton ,

This is quite possibly the most comprehensive verse by verse treatment of the Book of Revelation ever written. David Chilton has tackled what Calvin and Luther never even attempted. Following in the train of thought of his Paradise Restored , Chilton sees the Church triumphant to the end with Satan defeated at the return of Christ. The Apostle John presents a vision of victorious Christians who overcome all opposition through the work of Jesus Christ. Chilton asserts that for too long the Church has labored under the delusion that failure is her only role in the world. An inviting, yet non-threatening...

The Great Tribulation

by Authors David Chilton ,

For almost three generations evangelical Christians have answered these questions with an unequivocal “YES”! In this challenging new book by David Chilton, all the prophetic passages of Scripture dealing with the End Times are re-examined with careful attention to every revealing detail. And his conclusions are nearly as startling as the prophesies themselves. The Great Tribulation is the kind of sane, balanced, and easy to understand introduction to End Times theology that Christians have needed from a long, long time....

Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators

by Authors David Chilton ,

See Sider Squirm . If Pope John Paul II is really interested in dealing with heretical “liberation theologians” in his church, then he ought to issue this third edition of Productive Christians as a Papal encyclical. Protestants have trouble with their own liberation theologians. Some of them are Marxists in the Lamb’s clothing, while others are merely Fabian socialists in the Lamb’s clothing. Some of them just aren’t willing to say…yet. (Tactics, you understand.) Ron Sider belongs to the third group. Sider’s first edition of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger created a minor sensation in conservative Protestant circles. It...