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An Introduction to the Early Development of Mathematics

by Authors Michael K. J. Goodman ,

Book Detail Author/Editor(s): Michael K. J. Goodman Publication Date: February 15, 2016 ISBN-10: 1119104971 ISBN-13: 978-1119104971 Language: English Edition: 1 Publisher: Wiley Size: 1.37 MB Format: pdf...

Handbook of Big Data (Chapman & Hall/CRC Handbooks of Modern Statistical Methods)

by Authors Peter Bühlmann, Petros Drineas, Michael Kane, Mark van ,

Book Detail Author/Editor(s): Peter Bühlmann, Petros Drineas, Michael Kane, Mark van der Laan Publication Date: February 18, 2016 ISBN-10: 1482249073 ISBN-13: 978-1482249071 Language: English Edition: n/a Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC Size: 6.02 MB Format: pdf...

Alice in Wonderland

by Authors Lewis Carroll ,

Alice in wonderland is classic story has been read and reproduced countless times and will always continue to be an amazing piece of literary art. Follow a girl named Alice down the rabbit hole into a place of wonder where oddities, logic and wordplay rule supreme. Encounter all the famous characters from this classic story like the Cheshire Cat who can vanish into thin air, the Mad Hatter who is obsessed with riddles and the merciless Queen of Hearts. This is a land of amazement and where the laws of our world do not apply. Alice must find her way through...

Ruler of The Nations

by Authors Gary DeMar ,

Does the Bible have answers for the complex problems of modern civil government? Yes. Absolutely. Scandal ridden and conspiracy laden, our entire government system is in trouble. From the court house to the White House, the government of our land has been crippled with corruption, bureaucratic red tape, and political finagling. Many constitutional experts fear that if the system does not soon recover it’s integrity – and thus the confidence of it’s citizenry – it will not survive to the end of this century. But they have little or no idea how to correct that integrity. They don’t have the answers....

The Deadly Onez

by Authors Ziad Antar ,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in the morning like any other morning but to find out that your building’s janitor isn’t a janitor anymore, or your neighbor that you see everyday watering his plants isn’t watering anymore, or even your friend who were supposed to meet doesn’t show up. What if it was a dreadful nightmare but it’s so terrible that you can’t wake up till you finally realize those people aren’t just dead , but instead they start breathing and walking after parting life. The janitor is eating a lady across the street...

Honest Money

by Authors Gary North ,

Does the Bible have answers for the grave economic problems of our day? Yes. Absolutely. We are now facing a monetary crisis of astronomical proportions. Government debt is skyrocketing. Currencies are collapsing. Banks are going broke. Businesses are folding. Families are struggling. We’ve been stranded, sitting on top of a mountain of IOU’s that will never be paid off. Most professional economists don’t know what to do. Neither do most professional theologians. They don’t have answers. But the Bible does. In this volume of the ground-breaking Biblical Blueprints Series, Dr. Gary North outlines specifically what those answers are. He demonstrates beyond...

Paradise Restored

by Authors David Chilton ,

Does the Bible teach Christians to expect victory or defeat in this world? In this powerful book, David Chilton sets forth extensive biblical evidence for the historic Christian view know as postmillennialism – the teaching that, before the Second Coming of Christ, the world will be successfully evangelized and discipled to Christianity. The author emphasized that our view of the future is inescapably bound up with our view of Jesus Christ. The fact that Jesus is now King of kings and Lord of lords means that His Gospel must be victorious: The Holy Spirit will bring the water of life to...

Marx’s Religion of Revolution

by Authors Gary North ,

One third of the world’s population today lives under tyrannies that call themselves Marxist. No other worldview commands this many people. Yet a hundred and fifty years ago, there was no philosophy called Marxism. Karl Marx was then and undergraduate university student who specialized in pubs, taverns, cafes, and desperate letters to his family asking for more money. How could such a transformation of the world take place so rapidly? Why have Communist revolutions swept the face of the earth? And why did they occur only in regions where Marx had insisted that they could not in theory take place until...

Failure of the American Baptist Culture

by Authors James B. Jordan ,

The Failure of American Baptist Culture” might seem a puzzling topic for a symposium of essays, but the contention of the editors…is that American culture or civilization has been, in the main, a Baptist modification of old catholic and Reformed culture. The New Christian Right, in its attempts to stem the tide of degeneracy in American life, is a Baptistic movement, and…finds itself in a condition of crisis, confusion, and indeed impotence. The thesis the editors are setting forth…is that American Christianity must return to a full-orbed Biblical and Reformed theology, and set aside Baptistic individualism, if it is to have...

Crossed Fingers

by Authors Gary North ,

Crossed Fingers by Gary North is the first book to identify and discuss in detail the five points of liberalism and the rival theological positions. It is also the first published book that “follows the money” by tracing the sources of the funding of theological liberalism in twentieth-century America. One man, more than any other, was the primary source: John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Crossed Fingers serves as a handbook for the diagnosis and defeat of the same liberal forces that have captured American Christianity. How did they do it? With a vision, with a plan, and with other people’s money. Crossed...